Sunday, April 30, 2006

making my kitty purr

While browsing
I found out that May is Masturbation Month. Here are some ways that 'they' suggest you celebrate this fabulous month:

-Masturbate in every room in your house
-Masturbate with your partner the whole month instead of having sex
-Buy yourself or your partner a new toy to use for masturbating
-Take photos of yourself masturbating and post them here!
-Take photos of your partner masturbating and post them here!
-For those who like getting a little crazy, allow yourself to be caught masturbating and feel the rush. :-)
(I don't personally recommend this for workplaces and public places where lawsuits can occur, but perhaps you could get caught by your partner?)

Courtesy of PostSecret
(perhaps in honour of Masturbation Month?)


padme said...

Thanks for your comment on my's good to meet another blogger from Vancouver.
Love your blog. I'll be back.

single gal said...

thanks padme.
hugs to you too! don't forget to wank.

Master said...

I'm still waiting on those pictures. Or are you not feeling naughty anymore? It is on your list of things to do for Masturbation Month

Anonymous said...

I have alredy released the poisons 4 times today, gonna try and get 1 more in before bedtime.

Lewis said...

Well add masturbate and take pictures to that list. It'll be on mine. ;)

Rose said...

I think May is going to be my new favorite month! hehehe Not that I need an excuse to masturbate, but do plan on celebrating a LOT.