Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hodgepodge collection of words

I had a tonne of things to say the other day, I promise. It was enlightening, lifting, encouraging and funny.
Now. I got nothing.

Topics that came to mind:
-surviving a toxic environment
-how to make people feel uncomfortable by being super nice

Let's chat about today then.
I had the opportunity to visit a Christmas bureau here in the Lower Mainland (location undisclosed).
I consider myself lucky (blessed if you choose to use that word) having grown up in a fairly middle class family. My parents were able to provide me and my siblings with all the fixings every year. And more. I sure there were things that I wanted but didn't get but my parents didn't spoil us (that was my grandmother's job).
Today, however, I got to see what makes up a Christmas bureau and all the hard work that goes into providing a great Christmas for the children of low-income families. Each family must go through a vetting process to confirm that they are income eligible. This involves an interview process where they must produce a number of documents. In a month's time they will be able to select a few toys and stocking stuffers for their children.

Imagine seeing a shelf full of toys that you know will help make a child happy. Some of the shelves were just packed with great selection. Then, I saw the teenagers' shelves. It was sad. Really, what do teenagers want for Christmas? Hoodies, hair products, movie tickets. A Barbie doll just isn't desirable for a 16 year old.

What is the point to all of this? I'm not too sure. There's an opportunity to help make a Christmas a little bit better for these young people and their families. How will I help? I've got some ideas and hopefully a few will work out. Check out your local charities and donate today. If you're not sure how you can help, ask. They have answers!

Remember to appreciate what you have. There are always those with less. Do we define the fullness of our lives by what we have? Food for thought my friends.