Sunday, April 30, 2006

making my kitty purr

While browsing
I found out that May is Masturbation Month. Here are some ways that 'they' suggest you celebrate this fabulous month:

-Masturbate in every room in your house
-Masturbate with your partner the whole month instead of having sex
-Buy yourself or your partner a new toy to use for masturbating
-Take photos of yourself masturbating and post them here!
-Take photos of your partner masturbating and post them here!
-For those who like getting a little crazy, allow yourself to be caught masturbating and feel the rush. :-)
(I don't personally recommend this for workplaces and public places where lawsuits can occur, but perhaps you could get caught by your partner?)

Courtesy of PostSecret
(perhaps in honour of Masturbation Month?)

gone in 200 years

I've been blonde my whole life. When I was a child I had bleach blonde hair, naturally.
There have been some difficulties I have encountered being a blonde. I don't attribute everything to my hair colour though as I feel that there are a number of other characteristics about a person that others judge on.
Blonde jokes are a little frustrating sometimes though I have been known to make a few and laugh at those that others spout. As well, my 'blonde moments' are anything but far and few between but I am not a dumb blonde. I completed my university degree in 4.5 years, finished with a 3.0 GPA (that's a 'B'), have a job at a pretty good company where I've hopefully mad a good impression in my short time there.
Anyways, that's my short rant on being blonde. As well, as a fairly femme looking woman active in social movements appearance is certainly judge, however on a trip to a conference one person actually told me he had judged me poorly at the beginning and he'll never do that again. Moral of the story: don't judge someone on their looks. As well, blondes may be extinct in 200 years! - *gasp*!

Here's the link that inspired this posting:
Blondes Get All the Buzz.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

one or the other

The recent warm weather this weekend reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend in January. She was explaining that last summer she decided that she was going to wear only underwear or only a bra, never at the same time. Now, she's a fairly well-endowed woman in the cleavage region so I'm assuming that she chose the bra most of the time.

Now I'm comtemplating this. Or at least part time. The one problem is that I work for a fairly large company so I have to dress fairly conservatively. Once it warms up on a regular basis though, I think I might try that out.

Just a random Sunday thought.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

post secret fun

One more post before I head out for the weekend and probably won't return until Monday.
I'm quite an avid reader of PostSecret
and I've sort of been saving up different postcards from the site that reflect how I was or am feeling.
I'll post a few here for now but I recommend that you check out the site if you haven't already done so.

And yes, I will have a smile on my face today. Thanks to Robbie Williams for carrying me away to that special place.

Monday, April 17, 2006

craigslist makes me smile

When I'm a little bit bored and I need a pick me up I usually head over to the good ole craiglist. I found this one on the 'Best of Craigslist' site.

It's called 'Vagina Seeks Penis'. And while the person placing the ad is 31, I'm only 23 so the 'twins' may be a little perkier.

Happy Belated Easter and I'll write more soon. Maybe I'll disclose the nicknames for the most recent callers....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

passion: has this become a lost art?

I've made a bit of an observation over the last few months on my, what I'll term, 'adventure'. People tend not to invest in the skill of kissing. They head straight for the sweet spot, or supposed sweet spot that is. It doesn't have to be all tongue or even all on the mouth. Tease a little bit, bite the lower lip, play with his or her ear lobe. Caress the neck, the back. You don't have to have your clothes off to be hot together.

I'm a fairly sex-positive person. Ok, very sex positive person but unless you've got passion, it gets a little boring sometimes. In-out-in-out, blah! Let's spice it up people. One of the best Saturdays I ever had was in bed for 2 hours caressing, cuddling and kissing with a guy. He made me realize that there's more to a connection/relationship/date/rendezvous that just fucking. He slowed me down and I was so glad that he did. There were a few weekends like that in the fall. I'll admit that I perhaps thought there was more to us than just Saturday afternoons in bed but I'd give up sex (though keep masturbation-I'm human) any day to have something like that again.

I was watching LifeNetwork the other evening and there was a show (I think it was Sexual Secrets) that highlighted a cuddle party in New York City. How cool is that? Everyone must remain fully clothed and no sex during the party (afterwards it's free game). But that's just it - can we have closeness, intimacy, maybe a kiss, but not have to have sex all the time? Ultimately, and I'm at fault too, perhaps we have lost that artful skill or have refused to invest in it.

At the same time, does passion and intimacy mean that a couple has to define their relationship? Do we have to be partners (bf/gf/etc)? Do we have to call each other and do something every weekend or can we lead somewhat separate lives but still be together for closeness. Yes, yes, of course there are major issues with possessiveness, I'm well aware of this. But what if? That's all I ask.

But I think I've gone way off on a tangent so I wind it up with this: Don't go straight for the pink palace. Spend some time with passion because it may pay off.

doomed? cursed? inevitable

The creation of this blog was spurred on by a lack of e-mails and calls from a guy that I'm sort of seeing. I don't really know what the term is so I use 'seeing' loosely. We've slept together twice. Whatevs.

But a bit of background information first. Who is this 'single gal' you may ask.
I'm 23, university grad, fully employed, intelligent and I have a brain of my own. From my own surmising, this is the worst possible situation for guys my own age. I have ambition which tends to scare people. Though I've suffered lows in my life I have also gained a great deal of self-confidence. I girl with curves can no longer accept second best.

Anyways, the deal:
A few months ago I embarked on a adventure of sorts. Let's just say that I'd had a dry spell of epic proportions. It was quite unhealthy actually. So I stepped into the realm of the internet. Dodgy, I know. But it's been interesting. On the one hand I've realized that anyone can have sex when they try, on the other, finding someone to connect with and actually have a decent conversation with that doesn't necessarily lead to the bedroom can be extremely difficult.

So my question is: Where does an independent, intelligent woman actually find someone that is interested in pursuing a relationship of sorts. I'm not saying marriage in 6 months or holding hands every night of the week watching the sun set. Writing this is making me feel a little like 'Sex and the City' and Carrie Bradshaw but I can assure you that my shoe collection is humbled next to hers and her dress size may fit my left leg. So begins this new blog of mine. Let's see who stops by and makes a comment or a move. Cuz at this point I'm open to anything.