Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge - it's worth a try, right?

Oh, single gal blog, I've been neglecting you. Twitter and it's easy-to-use mobile app just makes quick 2 line thoughts so easy.
So I found this little challenge a while back and have decided to go for it.

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life it.
-Currently undefined. Just over 2 weeks ago I met an amazing guy who I have not seen since late last Saturday night/early Sunday morning. For understandable reasons we weren't able to see each other last week. Work, hobbies, travel, the flu, kept us apart. But it's Monday night and I'm tired of text messages. And I refuse to be the chaser any longer. I've done enough this week. To summarize, I'm still single. I've also realized that I need to stay busy to stay sane. This weekend will not be wasted.
But more on the single life: it's something I grew used to. The boy (from previous posts) is not really a potential for a real intimate relationship but he serves his purpose. I've grown used to not worrying about anyone besides myself. Applying for jobs overseas, going out for drinks, planning trips. But at the same time, I will admit, it's lonely. Coming home and not have anyone to cuddle with you, to ask how your day was, to plan things with. Friends can be pretty unreliable and sharing your feelings with them isn't always the easiest. Let's be honest - I haven't had the best luck with my 'closest' friends lately. So yeah, it would be nice to have a partner, but for now. It's me and my cat. And hopefully I'll be in London in a few months making new friends. Or, snuggling up to a warm European partner. IF he ever calls and gets his act together.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Life is good - living for #6

So far #6 on my 'resolutions list' is working out well.
Life is good (aside from a cold that is kicking my ass and is finally starting to leave after 1.5 weeks.)

My attitude is often linked with my social interactions with people. As a perpetually single person (PSP) I'm used to doing it all on my own but a lack of social engagements can bring you down. I'm therefore continuing with #6 and just saying yes. So far I've said yes to dancing, snowboarding, reunions, sports, initiatives and life.

Up next: health and fitness. If I'm up to it tomorrow, back to the gym and running!
There's also snow in the forecast which means mayhem on Vancouver roads. It also means adorable scarves and toques (including one made by my dear friend oh sweetie last year. After a bit of work shrinking it for my small head it works wonders and keeps me warm.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tipping the Velvet

I had no idea. Call me naive (something I've been called in the past) but I had no idea what "tipping the velvet" meant. Thanks to Urban Dictionary I now know.

The current novel on my bedside table is "Tipping the Velvet" by Sarah Waters. It is, to date, one of the racier books I've read. Total lesbian/tom escapism. The fact that it takes place in the 1890s makes it even more desirable to read as we in the 21st Century tend to assume that prior to the 20th Century there was no naughtyness. Or it was so limited. I do love reading pieces of work that take place in a time long before I was born - especially the 19th Century. I've read and re-read many parts of the Oyster (published under 'Anonymous') and it certainly gets my attention. I strongly recommend checking it out as well as Fingersmith by the same author. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy the last part of Fingersmith as it felt like the author rushed it. But it was, overall, enjoyable.

Back in my next of the woods I'm ready for this headcold to be over with. Day 2 at home. Lots of gingerale and soup. I really just want to get better so I can hit the gym and continue running. I'm working on a list of 'New Years Resolutions."

Here it is so far:
1-Floss every day (I brush at least twice but flossing is something I tend to get lazy with)
2-Write down everything you eat for at least 1 month.
3-Plan out a running program
4-Plan a triathlon training program.
5-Start actively saving for a new mac laptop (the remains of each pay period go into a separate savings account)
6-Say yes when someone invites you out (unless you are busy or low on $$)

That's it so far. #2 is start on January 10th.
#6 is definitely a focus for me as I have tended to shrink into my shell again. It's time to get social and meeting new people! Maybe a new playmate!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shorter, whittier, blonder

Yup, I'm on twitter now! Click the link to the left with the giant bird and you'll find me!

Happy New Year all. I'm fighting a cold and cuddling in with my cat. What an awesome way to start the new year.

2011 - here I come!