Sunday, April 16, 2006

doomed? cursed? inevitable

The creation of this blog was spurred on by a lack of e-mails and calls from a guy that I'm sort of seeing. I don't really know what the term is so I use 'seeing' loosely. We've slept together twice. Whatevs.

But a bit of background information first. Who is this 'single gal' you may ask.
I'm 23, university grad, fully employed, intelligent and I have a brain of my own. From my own surmising, this is the worst possible situation for guys my own age. I have ambition which tends to scare people. Though I've suffered lows in my life I have also gained a great deal of self-confidence. I girl with curves can no longer accept second best.

Anyways, the deal:
A few months ago I embarked on a adventure of sorts. Let's just say that I'd had a dry spell of epic proportions. It was quite unhealthy actually. So I stepped into the realm of the internet. Dodgy, I know. But it's been interesting. On the one hand I've realized that anyone can have sex when they try, on the other, finding someone to connect with and actually have a decent conversation with that doesn't necessarily lead to the bedroom can be extremely difficult.

So my question is: Where does an independent, intelligent woman actually find someone that is interested in pursuing a relationship of sorts. I'm not saying marriage in 6 months or holding hands every night of the week watching the sun set. Writing this is making me feel a little like 'Sex and the City' and Carrie Bradshaw but I can assure you that my shoe collection is humbled next to hers and her dress size may fit my left leg. So begins this new blog of mine. Let's see who stops by and makes a comment or a move. Cuz at this point I'm open to anything.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about this douchebag, but I would not get upset over somebody who is not worth your time.

single gal said...

thanks babe.
this is just my chance to rant and rave.

Res said...


Those were the days!

Love ya,

Res. (formerly, adam,cain,newyorkboy,bb/cain,billy b)


b. said...

As Stephen King says:

"Every thing's Eventual"

(i suppose)~~

xx,always, b.