Monday, June 19, 2006

what i would really say

Alright, bear with me. This is a frustration post.

If I were to write a real personal ad, it would read as such:
Blonde, short, intelligent, writer, curvy (deal with it), wear glasses and loves trashy teen films.
Love, never experienced it. Do I want it? Yes. Do I deserve it? My friends would say so.
I'm the one that's could be called the quiet friend behind the tall, thin, totally extroverted girl at the bar. The one no one suspects.
I want cuddles on the couch, trash on tv and respect. The latter has been lacking, really lacking.
I'm way to knowledgable about the subject of sex. Not from experience but rather from my volunteer work.

I am a hopeless, cheap romantic. I don't want big bouquets of roses or expensive dinners out. Small gestures are lifes most precious moments.

Despises sushi, loves curry and can drink a scotsman under the table the same night.

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