Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cold steel

I watched the first four episodes of Dexter, Season 1. The thought of a cold, steel medical table makes me a little weak in the knees.
All I can think of is the guy I went out with a couple of times in September. The way he smoothly talks. Purposefully walks. Makes me want more.

At the same time, je is confused about other people. Such is life.

Three work-related Christmas parties in the next week and a half. This new job has involved more alcohol after hours than any other job I've had. The social atmosphere is pretty crazy but I'm enjoying it for the most part. I just wish I lived closer to the downtown. Living in 'butt-fuck Egypt' has it's ups and downs. The downs is running for a train by 1:00am.

Anyways, I can't believe it's already December 15th. Ten fucking days 'til Christmas. This month has flown by. I was better prepared last year.

Oh - and random boy from my past is messaging me. Seriously - when will he get it that I don't date stoners. Gross.

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