Saturday, October 08, 2011


I'll ask for forgiveness up front as I feel that this entry is going to be a bit disjointed and probably a little random. But bare with me, please.

The people I have in my life are amazing. There are family, friends, random acquaintances, twitterazzi followers and followees that I have nothing but respect for. First of all: thank you for hanging in there with me. This week I had 2 separate folks tell me the same thing. Their summary: upon meeting me, first impressions would be that I am a fairly conservative person. What? Hold up. How? Have you actually listened to me?
(Before I continue I'll say that I did not take offence and if you're reading this please don't unfollow!)

It actually got me thinking. There are so many 'labels' that I can attribute to myself. Conservative just isn't one of them. I was a little shocked.
I'm a woman, a runner, feminist, sister, daughter, student of life, snowboarder, union member, planner, cat owner, pseudo-writer, an activist at heart.

I have struggled my entire life to be comfortable with who I am. I will never be a size 2. I will always have a booty, I will never be a crafty person that can knit a wicked scarf for a friend. I was the shy kid in the corner for years and even had a teacher tell my parents that I was ' too shy'. One day, it changed. The picture became a little more clear: not everyone is looking at you. If you are, you're doing something right. I've hosted a radio show, travelled the world (solo), worked on global events and this year, ran my first half marathon.

I am one of the most open-minded people out there (at least I think I am.) My friends are from all walks of life: India, China, Australia, artists, labourers, academics, gay, lesbian, trans, queer, with a disability, educated in school, educated in life, rich, poor. I embrace all of their differences and uniquenesses because they make me a better person. If you have a passion for life, I want to know you.

Back to the conservativeness though. I have been a little plain jane lately but mostly due to budgetary constraints and my tits are usually tucked away in classy clothes. Then of course there are special occasions where the fancy shoes come out and I wear some wicked tights.
I'm trying to get to a point here and it's not working out so well.
Basically, take a minute and get to know someone's story. Find out what makes them tick. Introduce yourself and meet the real person behind it all. Listen. Our initial perception is often incorrect.

After all this I still ask - who am I? Ask me tomorrow and it may be different.

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