Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't worry, I'm still single

Yep, guys in the UK are pretty much the same. Except they tend to open doors a bit more for ladies.
Other than that they still gawk at the usual ladies. I'm usually standing beside them in 'site clothes.' Meaning jeans, a jumper and trainers.
I really do want to just dress to the nines and do some shock and awe. Perhaps Friday evening.

Don't be strangers - I still see when you visit my page and comment.



Brandon Chase said...

I hold doors open and I'm in Vancouver. I also sponsor Solo, heard of him? He's essentially the male version of you, about the same age too. You should check him out.

I'm not going to post his link, as I am not here to spam, but its solo in van with the most popular domain tld at the end.

You'll see more of me, I'm enjoying your writing, almost as much as I enjoy Solo's.

Cheap Adult Chat said...

I am also in UK..........If you want a hot hunk, I am ready for that.........