Tuesday, August 22, 2006

All I wanted to do was be a princess for a day

I'm still a little bit sore today.
My (burnt) back doesn't hurt that much. The photo (see below) just looks bad.
While playing slow-pitch all weekend I also managed to tear up my leg. I love scratches and scars and all that fun stuff. I'm beginning to understand that I thrive on pain. It's intense. For example, I took a line drive in my forearm on Sunday and now it's rather bruised. Fabulous. I'd do it all again next weekend if i could. (Oh, and just as an FYI - I got the out at first. Play the ball first, feel pain later.)

But, I digress. The title of this post is taken from the film Better than Sex. It's an Australian film that, summed up nicely, is 3 days in the life of a 1 night stand. I really enjoyed it. The internal monologue that goes along with it was especially cool because it's everything you want to say to your partner when you're having sex with them but you're terrified that they'll see you as too controlling or difficult. In reality, however, wouldn't you rather have your partner happy and satisfied?
The main male character was played by David Wenham who also played Faramir in Lord of the Rings. Don't you think he looks better with shorter hair? I have to admit that I swooned - bit time. Mostly for the character he played, but looking at him on screen for 90 minutes wasn't difficult either. The female character, Carole (played by Imelda Corcoran) was great as well. She was just so cute - and natural! I loved it.

I love this photo from the movie:


Freddy said...

You and Aliza have so got to get together sometime

PenetratingYou said...

Better Than Sex, great movie, and Sarah...someone or rather, is hot. Put some Aloe Vera on that, it'll fix you right up.

that girl possessed said...

you can be my princess for the day... and be my dirty bitch at night.


Rock Star said...

I saw that move a while ago and thought it was really good. The main characters looked like they could have been a couple outside of the movie. Anytime chemistry that happens you always end up with a way better movie.

I just got back from a day of river rafting in Lytton last night so I could show you a matching sunburn to yours. Also like yours it was totally worth it.


Lewis said...

I agree with tgp that a princess outside and my dirty slut for the night.


don't worry tgp..you can watch. ;oP

that girl possessed said...

i don't share well lewis, but i have a feeling you get dibs. so i'm gonna have to put up or shut up.


should-be-working said...

Ms. Aliza's got nothing on you. :)

Mr_Golf said...

Get better soon sg
All the best

Lewis said...

tgp....i share well...

bitch. ;o)

single gal said...

freddy - Aliza is fabulous, yes.

penetratingyou - I loved the film. I want to buy it now. the burn is much better now.

tgp - i knew you would get that in somehow

rock star - apparently you should put aloe lotion on the burn!

lewis - let's limit the audience, kay?

tgp - 3 is company hun!

should-be-working - *blush* thanks hun. But Aliza is fantastic

mr_golf - all better!

lewis - liar, you don't share.

Shay said...

oooh that looks painful!
Make sure you slap some aloe on that!