Thursday, April 17, 2008

hotness, solo style

I've been really busy with work and such, as well as the Army and Navy shoe sale (5 new pairs!)

The best thing that I heard yesterday though, was my nextdoor neighbour reaching the big 'O'. That's right, through concrete walls I got to hear: "Oh, yeah, I'm cumming right now. Ooohhhh." It sounded like a good one.
I think I'll have a hot bath tonight and have a little 'revenge'.

Some mini-pearl and big blue action is definitely needed, especially after being off sick. The Oyster is perfect wanking material: kinky 19th century men and women.


Pronto said...

Cool... Like your style.

Hope all went well with that ;-)

la petite dévergondée said...

How is that little bullet? Ive never liked them that much, a little disappointing so far and I do test and review for toys all the time.

How's life for you lovely one? Digging the Canadian weather this winter? Has Spring come for you yet?

I'm thinking of moving to Canada, Ive heard its great what with its free health care and all. :) I love it in Quebec.

-la petite

Anonymous said...

It's kinda nice to see you back here,
Single gal.
I'm still floating around, if you'd like to pop by and give me a "hello."

Keep smiling.