Saturday, April 12, 2008

Waitress: worst movie EVER

Honestly, I nearly puked. We were 40 minutes in and it felt like 3 hours. Really, it was that bad.

Waitress, with Keri Russell, has potential. A bored, pregnant waitress in a small town with an abusive husband; she bakes some wicked pies. There could have been some humour or quality drama. Unfortunately it has found its place on my worst movie ever list.

Anyways, the good news is that I'm feeling much better. I have the best husky radio voice due to my cold. I also have 3 guys interested in me.
1-My friend's ex
2-An old fuck buddy
3-A friend's friend

I think #3 called me on Friday evening but I didn't answer because I didn't know that number. Who ever it was didn't leave a message. #2 is taking me for dinner on Sunday and I hope to explain that I DO NOT want a relationship with him. #1 called me this evening but I didn't answer because I was with a girl friend watching THE WORST MOVIE EVER. He wants to go for coffee.

I don't want a relationship with any of these boys. I was having a morning coffee and wander around Yaletown today with one of my best friends and I mentioned to him that I am absolutely content and happy being single right now. I love not having any strings and no one holding me back. It was a fabulous morning that I with I could have every day of the week.


Pronto said...

Bad movies suck.

Wicked pies rock.

la petite dévergondée said...

Oh I love Waitress, it does feel really long and slow but the theme of it is sweet and her character is cute.

I love that she wins out in the end! Yay!

-la petite

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree. Time you will never get back in your life to do something more useful.

This Single Gal said...

I seem to have 2 guys interested in me, both options blow up, and then I'm left with jack ass nothin'. Enjoy reading your blog. Check out mine
--This Single Gal