Sunday, June 01, 2008

hold me in and make me feel like a woman

I love corsets. I remember buy my first corset. It wasn't a 'real one' (with boning and the ability to be tied up really well, but it was close enough. I loved how it looked, how I felt in it and I wanted more.
The second corset I purchased was from New World Designs in Gastown (Vancouver.) The store clerk was fantastic and found me a lovely find then laced me in really tight. I love the feeling of being in a corset. It's like someone is always hugging you. The smallest part of your waste is emphasized when you're tied up and almost everyone looks hot in one.
I went to a fundraiser last night and got to try on an 'under the bust' corset. I had never tried one on but the designer was there and got straight to business when I picked one up. The most fabulous thing about this particular designer is that they make items for women with curves, plus-sized women AND they do custom work (something New World Designs said they did not do.) Felix and Kitty are the makes of the fine products and I highly recommend checking out their sight. I'm not so much into the period pieces but the quality was there which was a rarity.


Will said...
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tinaslut said...

Gorgeous! This corset really does something for you. Actually I have never had one myself but perhaps the time has come now...

My compliments for your great blog and have a great summer! Best wishes from Sweden,

should-be-working said...

Corsets are something else that looks very attractive on a girl, but grotesque on a dude.

Facts and Friction said...

Should-be-working: I have never, ever thought a guy would ever wear a corset. For our types of body what would the point really be?

I love corsets though. Anything that emphasises a girl's curves should be embraced. Especially with that way that corsets delightfully push a girl's breasts together and up then hold them there... A sight to see.