Thursday, September 04, 2008

holy crap - over a month!

Okay - holy crap it's been a while.
I guess you could say that this summer has been/was a busy one. I've taken up the evil hobby of running, yes, RUNNING! I couldn't believe it myself. The other night I ran over 6km! I'm doing a program similar to the Running Room (yes, that evil, elitist expensive club/store/organization) but I'm at 10 minute runs with 1 minute walks and I completed 5 reps or cycles the other day. I was pretty damn proud of myself considering that in the first week of July I was running 1 minute and walking 2 minutes.
So boo-yeah for me!
This summer was not the Slutty Summer like I've had in previous years but I had a lot of fun. Heck, I even went to a bathhouse! It was a fully or mostly clothed evening that was an after-party for the Queer Film Festival but it was definitely interesting to be in a typically male-dominated space.
I did re-connect with an old fling. So I guess I popped my new apartment's cherry so to speak.

I haven't thought a lot about my single status. Most of my time has been spend with good friends. The only times I really get down about it is the odd day when everyone that I'm with has a partner, like at a BBQ about a month ago. Everyone (3 or 4 couples) were all being cute and I was sitting by myself. Of course, I'm cute enough as it is, but I'd like to have that significant other again.
Speaking of which, I have to laugh, I think my ex-bf is going to end up marrying his current gf and I really, no, REALLY have to laugh. So, don't judge me for dating him, but the guy can't even balance a cheque book. He thinks the world owes him and he drinks his paycheque away and spends the rest on porn, magazines and (you guessed it) comic books. Fuuuck. Alas, I'm looking to BUY my own apartment on my own and he'll be renting and living paycheque to paycheque so revenge is best served by bettering yourself.

In other news, well, there isn't much. Work is hectic as always and prospect number in the zeros. So I write, alone, on a Thursday. Here's to hoping that Friday brings better luck - there is a wedding this Saturday so keep your fingers crossed.


la petite dévergondée said...

Hey babydoll,

Congrats on the boost in exercise, I'm doing the same thing too. I put on some weight during the Gadget saga and Ive lost the 30 pounds, Yay!

Long time no see, big hug.

♥la petite

sinfullyanon said...

~~A month seems just about right...

...Then, again, I'm a guy, so
to me it can seem like years!..oh! It is years!:)

Good luck, Single Gal.
You've always managed to keep my
hopeful spirit intact.


(I miss Tuesday's in the Kitchen:()


Anonymous said...

You sound like my fiancee (which sounds so pretensous anyway).
She totally bettered herself after leaving her ex 8 years ago.

Of course, 7 of them has been with me ;)

Congrats on picking up and being dedicated to running!

I haven't been so diligent with my run rescheme

Anonymous said...

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HoneyScan said...

being single is kinda cool for some period of time... the freedom...