Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tips to the male datee

Not the worst date ever, but pretty damn dull. Which sucks because he's a really nice guy.
But really, do  you need to bring out the Nintendo and XBox on the first date?
Dinner was alright, though he couldn't actually say anything important, nor could he make a point about anything. At one point when we were walking around I said, "Spit it out!"
Checking your iPhone while at the table is a major insult, I don't care how busy you are with work. If you decide to go out with someone, that's your time with THEM. Or go to the washroom and do it.
Argh, another bites the dust. I might be a friend with him and chat, but that's it.

Don't check phone
In fact, turn phone to silent
Ask her questions about her life
Compliment, seriously, is it that difficult?

Back to the drawing board.


Richard said...

I totally agree with you. People are really getting out of control with cell phones. These devices are ego trips for many people. makes them feel important and/or popular. In my estimate, 99.9% of the calls are not necessary.
they could be made or received at a later date.
They should be banned in restaurants and funeral homes.

Shay said...

Was it at least a Wii? I feel like some of those games are fairly physical and so nearly count as regular entertainment. haha

Jim said...

Yikes . . . video games and cell phones, while with a woman in a romantic setting. What's this world coming to?

[reaches up to pinch Shay's bottom . . .]


Anonymous said...

Don't check the iPhone. I'm a physician, even when we're not on call, we don't have that luxury. Someone's life may be on the line.

Anonymous said...

Methinks this blog has died.

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HoneyScan said...

i totally agree... i think checking your text messages too is very rude...

clnt2009 said...

very well executed...thanks!

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HalfBreedWeedMan said...

He pulled out the X-box on a date? Did he also have bunk-beds and sleep in Spider Man pajamas?