Monday, September 21, 2009

nice ass!

Want to really know why I enjoy going to the gym?
The people there knew and saw me before my 45 lbs loss. Compliments keep me going sometimes, especially when I've had a bad day.
I have to admit, I looked pretty good in my workout gear.

Ideally, I would like to lose 20 more pounds. In a perfect world, that would happen by Christmas. As a stretch, February 2010.

Want to know the worst part about being 'let go' (mentioned in my previous post) is being worried that you've lost someone that you connected with. Who knows what lies in the future. Hopefully there will still be good conversations.


Neu said...

Hi there

I know this reply is somewhat late, but maybe its appropriate as you've had a bit of an opportunity to reflect on what has happened. I can totally sympathize with how you feel; I've been there enough times.

I've found that dating in Vancouver is somewhat of an exasperating proposition. Instead of looking for partners that have something worthwhile to offer, its often about status. You can wear your heart on your heart on your sleeve but it doesn't matter.

Thats partly because they don't have any substance themselves. Often individuals in Van aren't reflective, curious about anything beyond their immediate self gratification. If thats all you're into then thats fine, but it seems that you aren't.

I know this sounds like a rant and maybe it is to some extent. Its also a gross generalization and may not be indicative of what happened. Its just something I've noticed over time. I'm just saying I wouldn't get too discouraged if I were you.

I sincerely doubt you're going to be single all your lives. You're smart, introspective and (likely!) attractive. Feeling something means you care, which means that you are able to form that connection with another person if they compatible. It would be more abnormal if you didn't feel anything or didn't want to.

Finally, being genuine with your emotions isn't a failing; its who you are and part of your charm. For every guy that can't handle that there is another who can. You'll find someone soon enough. Until then live your own life and have fun with it.

Take care


single gal said...

Wow Neu - thanks!
I haven't had a comment in eons.

Sometimes you need to just vent, that's what my previous post was all about. And I agree about Vancouver and dating = impossible.


Object-Oriented Sammy said...

Having a sexy firm ass is one of the best things one can ask for - seriously! Love a round ass - many things can be done to it :)