Thursday, October 01, 2009

feel good moment

It's kinda nice getting compliments. When you actually wear clothes that fit you, you realize how good you can look.
But getting an email about it, is pretty crazy.

Even crazier? Eating WAY too much pizza today and feeling sick. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

More fun: James Bond Martini Party on Saturday night and wearing something saucy.

Those are my random thoughts for the evening. I'm looking forward to the weekend and enjoying my new purchase.

This past year has been incredibly amazing. I don't want it to stop. Hard work, determination, driven. Shit - does this mean I'm an adult now? *GULP*


Buddy and Snowball said...

So in the facebook pics, which on are you? LOL.

single gal said...

Actually, I went through all of them and none of them are me.
Perhaps next year :)