Thursday, October 22, 2009

need an upgrade

I'm always away from my personal computer when the urge to write, rant and rave comes.
A list of my recent thoughts:
~I am amazing. Yes, that's right. There are certain times when I feel amazing on the inside and the outside. My running race this past Sunday made me feel like a million and a half bucks.
~Fuck. Up again. I have been a carb-eating machine this past month. Anything doughy, bready and tasty, I want to eat. Slowly, I'm going to ease more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Being away from my usual job has been brutal. I love having a new challenge and working with new people and such, but sometimes, I miss my other co-workers.
~And other times, I'm a fucking rockstar.

More later - I got distracted.

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