Monday, March 07, 2011

We do not remember days. We remember moments.

Let's be honest, the past week has been pretty fucked up for me.
I've had crazy highs, crazy lows, people leaving my life, people re-entering my life.
As one friend put it last week: I'm a tough cookie.

I met my gay husband (one of many) for dinner and drinks this evening. Yes, a Monday night, I know. I did not exceed my 2 drink max and made sure to sip on lots of aqua. We worked together and saw each other nearly every day last year but it has been nearly 1 year since we last saw each other - Facebook, you make not seeing people so easy. We got to talking about our pasts and travel and I said that I've really only travelled on my own as I've been on my own for most of my life. WHY??!?!? Was his only response. Good question dear. I have no idea. I have travelled Europe, Asia and North America all on my own. I've never let being single put my life on hold. This past week was especially difficult because for the first time in a while I was with someone that I had real chemistry with and wanted the same thing, but it had to end.
Now I'm officially single gal in vancouver again.

So, what's next?

I'm in flux. My job situation may change continents which means I'm hesitant to commit to anything in the off-chance that I have to let people down.
What I do want to commit to:
-Running more and more often
-Eating healthier (more fruits and veg)
-Acting on every social opportunity that I can to meet new people
-Take care of myself and treating myself every now and then.
-Reconnecting with people that I have lost touch with. Facebook does NOT count.

For now: at least my cat loves me.

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