Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 words to make you randy

I was given a task from a friend. He's in town in the next month and we've been chatting/exchanging emails.
He gave me a task of writing a short story for him using the following words:
sex table behind hand fast oral quick nipple hair orgasm.

I could really go for a fast round of sex while I bend over a table. I'd love for him to grab my hair
and take me from behind. Then turn me around and perform oral sex on me while pinching my aching nipples and bringing me to orgasm.
Then I would quickly take his member in my hand and finish him over my tits.

Okay, that's a little short. I'll have to work on it...


Pronto said...


once forwards,

and once backwards


Danni said...

hey unicorn! thanx for the comment; we'd be happy to add you to our blogroll if you add us to yours. and, cum visit Virginia anytime.

xoxo, Danni