Friday, March 28, 2008


Slightly interesting observation:
2 guys that I have been with (one a fuck friend, the other the ex) have both started relationships with women that have children. Little bit odd? Both of them are boys in the true sense: immature, financially inept and live in a fantasy world where they are the most amazing creatures. Neither of them handle emotion or anger well - and they want to be part of a child's life? Whatever.

This was something that I realized the other day. Do they want to be daddy's without the actual legal requirements and statutes? Who knows. They're both living in fantasy worlds.
And they're both out of my life for good.

BTW: lychee martinis are a fucking amazing way to end a week and start a weekend!

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should-be-working said...

Guys tend to think with the little head. We think we're responsible enough to handle that sort of thing, but most of us are not. Especially when you take into consideration their other aspects such as financial irresponsibility, etc. You deserve better.