Thursday, December 09, 2010

MOH at your service

Wow, so as irony goes the older sister is destined to be an old maid while the younger is engaged and ready for marriage.
When I first heard that my sister was engaged I had a small panic attack. I didn't know what to say or do or feel. Ultimately I am happy. I am happy that she has found someone that she feels completes her. Flattered as well as I've been asked to fill the role of Maid of Honour. Essentially, that means keeping the crazy family in control, finding peace, negotiating and dealing with the small but frustrating details.

At the same time that she has become engaged I continue to meet people that have recently split with their significant other. A once close friend of mine just told me that her and her husband separated 5 months ago. I'm not shocked at the event but rather that she actually did it.

Today a friend asked me if I was happy. There are many times in the day that I am happy. I'm lucky to be healthy, strong, employed and many other things. Riding down the mountain with the boy 2 weekends ago made me smile so wide. I felt free, challenged, cared about. However I may have just imagined the whole damn thing. I'm headed up to the promised land again this weekend with some different friends. The weekend approaches and I simply cannot wait! Today, yes, I am happy. I averted a crisis, got work done and am ready for a wicked time on the slopes.
Tomorrow, is another day.

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