Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

(Note: This was written Friday evening after an unexpected wicked night out.)

I've made a point not to drunk blog whenever possible. Tonight is an exception as it come as a request.
Setting: the party (read: drunk) train ride home after the first epic day of vacation.
I've been up since 7am, done the Grouse Grind, had lunch at Wally's Burgers, had the 'precious' waxed, met a friend visiting from NYC for drinks and dinner and THEN met 2 absolutely hilarious guys from #twitter at a bar downtown and had a fabulous night. Needless to say their humour was on par with mine. We even talked #vagina, unphased. A-mazing.

Unfortunately responsibility and commitment call and I must be ready at 7:00 am for a ball tournament tomorrow. Sometimes I hate commitment. Especially when I'm actually having a fun night out and didn't really want to go home.
Alas, there is still summer yet and sleep is important. I wouldn't want to strike out tomorrow.

So this entry is fairly tame and does not have anything too risque for you followers/readers. I will however leave you with this thought: be patient, the stars do align when you least expect it.
Also, drink lots of water.

I'm off for a brief excursion to the US of America. Back Thursday!

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